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Dianthus Green Ball 10 Stem Bunch

Dianthus green ball premium in a 10 stem bunch

Kale 5 Stem Bunch

Kale:  Ornamental Kale in Purple or Green 5 Stem Bunch

Sunflower Small/Med 10 Stem Bunch

Small to Medium Sunflowers in a 10 stem growers bunch.

Sunflower Large Grower Bu 5 Stm

Large Sunflowers in a 5 stem Bunch.

Stock Grower Bu 10 Stm

Available colors: Peach, Fuchsia, Pink, Lavender, Purple and White.

Statice Grower Bu

Available Colors: Purple, White and Pink.

Snapdragon 10 Stem Bunch

Available colors: White, Pink, Yellow, Purple and Orange

Rose Spray Grower 10 Stem Bunch

Available colors:  Red, Hot Pink, White, Purple, Yellow, Peach, Orange, White Majolica.

Rose Garden 12 Stem Bunch

Available colors:  Red, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Lavender, Yellow, Cream and White