Donn F Flipse, Founder

Every great company has a great story behind it!

With Over 100 years in the floral industry in South Florida the Flipse family thoroughly understands the daily needs of florists and other re-sellers of flowers.  Field of Flowers opened its doors in 1990 with a promise to its retail and Wholesale customers:

"We will be the easiest place to shop from the biggest selection of the freshest flowers at the lowest prices."

Keeping that audacious promise is what we work hard to do every day with the products and service that customers need daily along with many that they need only occasionally.

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Our Products

We offer a huge daily selection of fresh flowers and foliage including unusual varieties, available by the box, bunch or stem. We also carry a large selection of hydrated, ready-to-use flowers, fancy potted plants, and a broad variety of the most popular hardgoods and supplies.

Purchase by the bunch or box

We recognize that our customers need the flexibility to buy flowers by the box or by the bunch. We invite them to shop either way. 

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Our locations In Davie and in Boca Raton enable our customers to avoid long drives to Miami to pick up flowers. Just buzz over and pick up what you need or let us deliver it.  For information about hours and our team, click here.

We Deliver

We deliver twice daily Monday-Saturday to Miami Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties, utilizing refrigerated trucks to keep your flowers fresh.  Click here to learn more.


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Technology utilization is an important part of us providing outstanding customer service. Whether it's our GPS tracking system to always know the status of our customer deliveries. Or our enterprise software system that provides important information about products, purchases, customer orders etc.. We believe in always staying on the leading edge of technology.


We are pleased to announce that we will begin going on daily routes to your shops in the fall.  Offering inventory from our trucks, and also delivering products you have ordered. We're waiting for our new refrigerated trucks to come in.

- Donn F Flipse, CEO

We have totally revamped our website and have made it very simple to shop online. You don't even need to log in to being shopping.  check it out!

- Donn F Flipse, CEO

We are currently significantly increasing our hardgoods & floral supplies.  We want to make it as convenient as possible to come to one place for all their needs.

- Donn F Flipse, CEO

We have implemented electronic price tags throughout our store.  The significance of this is that when we get good buys on products we can immediately pass it through to our customers with one key stroke.  The entire store is updated with the special pricing and so is the website.

- Donn F Flipse CEO